J.P. Morgan 2024 Guide to Retirement

Author(s): J.P. Morgan Asset Management


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Year Published: 2024

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One Sentence Summary: Offers data on retirement topics, such as longevity, savings requirements and Social Security claiming strategies.


J.P. Morgan’s annual guide to retirement offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of retirement. Here are some of the facts and figures I found noteworthy:

  1. In a non-smoking couple in excellent health age 65, there is a 73% chance that at least one of them will live to age 90 (slide 4).
  2. While 68% of those surveyed expected to work until age 65 or older, 31% achieved this goal (slide 6).
  3. Of those who households that retired in the 60s, 53% of them have at least one member who some work income (slide 7).
  4. A Social Security claiming strategy can be found on slide 10 and a comparison of strategies on slide 11.
  5. Several slides show how much one needs in retirement and how much they should be saving to meet that need based on age and income (slides 13-17).
  6. The benefits of saving and investing early (slide 19).
  7. The benefits of automatically increasing your savings each year are life-changing (slide 20).
  8. There is a suggested order of savings by account type at slide 25.
  9. Slides 31 and 32 show changes in spending as we age; spending declines significantly in retirement, even as healthcare expenses rise.
  10. Shows how much retirees would have left after 30 years if they followed the 4% rule (slide 33).
  11. Introduces the term “dollar cost ravaging” to describe sequence of returns risk and recommends dynamic spending rules as one way to mitigate these risks (slide 35).
  12. Includes several slides on Medicare strategies, including for those who work past 65 (slides 36 to 40).
  13. Slide 47 has data on the effects of being out of the market on its best days.

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